Monday, 1 August 2011

Setting the passwords of linux machines

Hello friends, are you aware that around 80 per cent of the machines installed in the offices and colleges are the linux machines be it ubuntu, redhat, fedora, sandora and all. But here we will teach you how to crack the root passwords of these systems or you can say how to change the root passwords if one has forgotten the older one.

It is simple just go step by step.

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1. Start the system and while starting up, press Esc button.
2. Now select the system you want to break the password of( in case of multi-OS machine) and press "e" to edit the commands again press "e".
4. Next, you press space and write "1" and then boot the machine
5.It will take you to a menu and then selecting the clear password for the root option.
6. This takes you to the command prompt in the baseline and then you can enter a new password and its done
7. The password has been reset.
8. So,now you can reset the password even if you dont remember the older password.

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